25 Golden Python Tasks
To Become A Software Developer

Who we are?

T-Machine School Of Python, division of T-Machine Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd which provides comprehensive training on FullStack, AI with python as Core focus.

We are best at

AI-guided Teaching
Personalized and adaptive instruction using cutting-edge AI technology for an engaging learning experience.
Experienced Python Tutors
Expert instructors with extensive knowledge and practical experience to provide comprehensive guidance.
Industry-Driven Placements
Strong industry connections and resources to secure rewarding job opportunities for our students.

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These programmes  are designed to enhance specific skills or competencies.


Crack the Python Coding Interview - Beginner Level

Crack the Python Coding Interview - Expert Level

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Pre-Grad Software Job - Non-Final Year

Pre-Grad Software Job - Final Year

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Full Stack Developer Training & Placement Programn AI

Developer Training & Placement Program

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three Ways to Succeed

T-Machine software
Empowering Innovations

We are training division of T-Machine Software Solutions, an AI-focused IT firm delivering innovative solutions that leverage advanced algorithms to enhance business operations.

We are Good at

Delivering AI Products.

IOT, Big Data, Cloud computing, Blockchain.

Web Technologies

We are a creative team that provides state-of-the-art web application and mobile application.

Cutting-Edge AI tool

We have developed AI tool, tmachine.ai which is world’s first of its kind.

Our Unique Edge - tmachine.ai

Driving technology for leading brands
Revolutionary AI-Driven Learning
At T-Machine School of Python, we've harnessed the power of tmachine.ai, an extraordinary AI-driven self-learning tool. It's designed exclusively for Python enthusiasts, delivering an interactive and personalized learning experience.
Simplified Complexity
Our AI tool makes Python learning effortless by simplifying intricate coding paradigms. With adaptive curriculum and personalized feedback, you can master Python concepts with ease and confidence.
Empowerment through Technology
Embrace the future of tech education with tmachine.ai, setting you on a path of transformative Python expertise. Experience the revolution in learning at T-Machine School of Python.
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Our Locations

T-Machine School of Python,
2nd Floor, West Wing, VV Towers,
No:16, Rajiv Gandhi Salai, OMR, Karapakkam,
Chennai – 600097, Tamilnadu, INDIA

1800 - 121 - 0000 - 55

Registered Office

T-Machine Software Solutions Pvt Ltd.,
280, Ring road housing sector, Madhavaram Bus station,
Madhavaram, Chennai – 600060

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