Program Benefits

Build a Strong Career Foundation

Develop a solid foundation for a thriving software development career.

Enhance Coding Skills

Sharpen your coding abilities and stay up-to-date with in-demand technologies.

Receive Professional Mentorship

Learn from experienced developers and receive personalized guidance.

Get Salary and Real Experience

Gain practical experience and earn income while maintaining focus on your college education and exams.

Expand Your Professional Network

Connect with industry professionals, build valuable connections, and unlock new career opportunities.

Candidates should meet the following criteria

Level of Education

The program is open to anyone who has passed their 12th exams and is willing to join any degree program.

Part-Time Availability for Job

Applicants must be able to commit to working part-time while pursuing their degree.

No Prior Programming Skills

No prior programming knowledge is required to join the program.

Become a Software Aspirants

Embark on a transformative journey and unleash your potential to become a skilled software developer.



  • Month: 4
  • Classes: 90
  • Modules: 4
  • Hours: 180

Course content

  • Basic: Python Syntax, OOPs, Multi-Threading
  • Advanced: Data Structures & Algorithms
  • Technologies: AI, Machine Learning, Data Science
  • Framework: Full Stack with Django & Automation


  • Mode: Online Interactive
  • When: Only on All Week Days
  • Recorded Videos: For Absentees Only
  • Doubt Clearing Class: Taken in Weekly Once

Interactive Sessions

  • Time: 7 PM to 9 PM
  • Assignments: Daily based Coding Exercises
  • Test: Scheduled Online Test
  • Projects: Gain knowledge in Real-World scenarios

How to Join?

How to Join?

To express your interest 
in the Pre-Grad Software Job program.

Call our Toll-Free number 

To express your interest in the
Pre-Grad Software Job program.




Fees Details

(Only for 2023 +2 Passed Students)
  • Instalment 1: ₹ 15,500 – Initial Payment
  • Instalment 2: ₹ 7,500 – Paid at 4th Month
  • Instalment 3: ₹ 7,500 – Paid at 8th Month
  • TOTAL FEE:30,500 (Including GST)


  • The actual program fee for Job Seekers is ₹75,500
  • ₹46,000 as Training Fee and ₹29,500 as Placement Fee.
  • Placement Fee is 100% discounted for +2 Students.
  • Training Fee is discounted to ₹ 30,500 for those who join in May-2023 as part of the summer sale.
  • The discounted fees and instalment scheme is applicable only for 2023 +2 passed students.

Investment & Benefits

  • Invest in your future with the T-Machine program and gain valuable skills and experience.
  • Get a double return on your investment before completing graduation.
  • Earn a monthly remuneration of ₹ 1000 to 2000 during the program’s first two years (in Arts & Science) and first three years (in Engineering) based on project involvement.
  • Increase your monthly remuneration to around ₹ 5000 during the final year of college.
  • Upon program completion, secure a software developer role with a starting package of above ₹8 Lakhs/Annum from T-Machine Software Solutions Pvt Ltd or any of its group of companies or its clients.

Our Recommendations

  • Embrace the transformative power of the T-Machine program in the world of Industry 4.0.
  • Thrive in a dynamic and cutting-edge working environment that prepares you for the future.
  • Develop high-value skills and expertise sought after in the digital era.
  • Unlock a world of opportunities with coveted profiles and competitive salaries.
  • Secure your place in the strongest working environment for the next three decades and beyond.
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